Wednesday, April 23, 2008

How to integrate OCS 2007 with Cisco Call Manager 4.x?

It is easier to integrate with Cisco Call Manager 5.x and above version as CCM support SIP trunk to OCS 2007 server or via IP-IP gateway (router). I'm not sure Microsoft has release any supported documment on CCM integration with OCS 2007 or not. But I've tested the integration in a production environment.

For my this implementation; I've use Dialogic media gateway 2000 series (DMG2030). In a standard CCM 4.x environment, there will be a voice router which will be the interface with the service provider. The connections between router and CCM/media gateway will be using E1 link.

There will be some configuration need to be done at CCM as to route the inter-call between OCS client and cisco phone client.

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