Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Dialogic Media Gateway connects IP system to PSTN at Siemens Subsidary

Unified Messaging continues moves in Europe and Dialogic has made it in one of another UM success recently. HEC GmbH, a consulting subsadary of Siemens improving their efficiency of its client communications by moving to UM. Initially the company concerned about the need to connect its IP infrastructure to PSTN, but its parent company (acting as system integrator) advised using media gateway from Dialogic (Media Gateway 3000 series). The connection was made quickly and easily.

Andreas Essing, (Director of the Microsoft Infrastructure Consulting Business at Siemens IT solutions and Services, Siemens AG) who help with the implemnetation and installation commented that "working with dialogic impressed us in terms of its high-grade product and excellent support during each phase of the project. we are already looking forward to being able to build on this positive experience in the future".

For more details, read the case study.

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