Friday, April 25, 2008

OCS 2007 as main call manager

I always has this in my mind using only OCS as the call manager (without using any PBX system). This question has makes me to setup a lab with OCS 2007 Front-end server and Mediation server and a simple media gateway. In the lab I've tested the with 2 types of incoming lines (PRI and normal PSTN lines). I would said anyone can try out this setup via normal PSTN line.
In the lab I can see the difference of using the 2 types of media gateway. Using PRI would be more direct and simple configuration on the media gateway (as media gateway guide has it all). But when using PSTN line media gateway (i guest is lower end), there are more configure step required on the media gateway.
Using the lower end media gateway there are some featues likes call ID (caller phone no.) was not able to pass over to OCS. I've checked with some media gateway expert, it seem the information (Caller ID information) would not pass over due to the limitation of the devices. I still exploring the possibility of using the lower end unit to have the same features as the PRI line.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Problem with user not able to login via CWA

For those who encounter this error during logging from CWA "Cannot sign in due to a server error. Please try again. If the problem persists, contact your system administrator."
This problem might be related to the CWAService account password expire. In the default configuration after your installation the CWAService account don't have the "Password Never Expire" option checked. You will need to set the password for the CWAService to never expire. Once this is configure, you will be able to login to CWA again

How to integrate OCS 2007 with Cisco Call Manager 4.x?

It is easier to integrate with Cisco Call Manager 5.x and above version as CCM support SIP trunk to OCS 2007 server or via IP-IP gateway (router). I'm not sure Microsoft has release any supported documment on CCM integration with OCS 2007 or not. But I've tested the integration in a production environment.

For my this implementation; I've use Dialogic media gateway 2000 series (DMG2030). In a standard CCM 4.x environment, there will be a voice router which will be the interface with the service provider. The connections between router and CCM/media gateway will be using E1 link.

There will be some configuration need to be done at CCM as to route the inter-call between OCS client and cisco phone client.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

OCS 2007 with Panasonic PBX TDA100

How simple is it for Panasonic PBX to move to IP base telephony platform via Microsoft OCS. We've successfully implemented Microsoft OCS 2007 with integration with Panasonic PBX model TDA100.
The situation is we've a requirement from the customer to remain the single line phone and its fax mahine as it is. Others user will be using the new OCS to makes voice call.
PBX information as followed:
Model: Panasonic TDA100 version 007-001
Region: 009-009
MPR (ML) card: 3.2002
PRI card: PRI30 version 2.009

The PBX is using two PRI (ISDN card), for incoming source from service provider and the second PRI card for connection to media gateway. The PRI card has to be enable QSIG signalling to communicate with the media gateway (as media gateway will require min. QSIG signalling). With this, the normal fax machine will still able to be connected to the PBX system.

During the implementation, the two connections (service provider and to media gateway) are require to use coaxial cable (with BNC connector as standard). Due to media gateway are having RJ45 connection only, we uses balun which conver the coaxial (BNC 75ohm) to RJ45 connection (RJ45 120ohm).

PBX is configured as slave as accepting the source from service provider and media gateway would need to be configured as master.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Dialogic Media Gateway connects IP system to PSTN at Siemens Subsidary

Unified Messaging continues moves in Europe and Dialogic has made it in one of another UM success recently. HEC GmbH, a consulting subsadary of Siemens improving their efficiency of its client communications by moving to UM. Initially the company concerned about the need to connect its IP infrastructure to PSTN, but its parent company (acting as system integrator) advised using media gateway from Dialogic (Media Gateway 3000 series). The connection was made quickly and easily.

Andreas Essing, (Director of the Microsoft Infrastructure Consulting Business at Siemens IT solutions and Services, Siemens AG) who help with the implemnetation and installation commented that "working with dialogic impressed us in terms of its high-grade product and excellent support during each phase of the project. we are already looking forward to being able to build on this positive experience in the future".

For more details, read the case study.