Thursday, July 31, 2008

Custom Presence State in MOC

Wow is few weeks i got to seat back to write my blog. I've received on queries on how to customise the present state in MOC. Joachim Farla has the guide on this blog to guide you how to customise the presence state. You can try it out, below is the link to his site.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Call Forking and Simultaneous ring are they the same?

A lot of people is talking about call forking. Is it the same as simultaneous ring?

From My understanding True Simultaneous ringing is where you have 2 devices with totally different numbers. When someone calls your extension or DID it comes into the PBX and then your desk phone rings and your cell phone rings near simultaneously. the big key to this is that the numbers are different.

For Call forking it generally is referred to in situations where you have a desk phone and another device with the same phone number. i.e. desk phone and Microsoft Office Communicator. Both the desk phone and the MOC client have the same extension. The PBX forks the call to both devices at the same time and when one is picked up the other is released.

Now it all depends on who you talked to as to the definition.