Thursday, June 5, 2008

New Communicator Add-in for Outlook

I've saw an updates from one of the MVP blogs, Microsoft has a new version of communicator Add-in for Outlook. It's pre-release version currently (only selected MVP with invitation would have permission to test out).

In the meantime, here's what's new followed by some of my other thoughts...

Fixes & Updates:

  • UI
  • Created a TreeView instead of ListView.
  • This allows collapsible\expandable groups, just as in Communicator. I think this is a better approach than having an option to display certain groups.
  • Smaller UI details.
  • Fix UI for 120 DPI


  • Allow filter of Offline & Away users. Will redisplay users when they are available again or will hide users if they are away or offline. Dependant on the you setting the filter.
  • Will display groups that contain a “~”

Limitations due to API

  • The API doesn’t give me access to Access Level or Distributions List.
  • The API doesn’t give me access to the Recent or Other Contacts Groups.


  • The Show\Hide button doesn’t always respond.
  • “Out of Office” is being considered as Away instead of Offline.
  • Graceful error handling, IE if Communicator isn’t signed in.

Install Instructions (Uninstall Previous Version1.)

  1. Extract it the zip to some where besides the desktop. I’m using ClickOnce for installation, so the install should go somewhere you want it to reside.
  2. Close Outlook
  3. Run the setup.exe as Administrator. It will require .NET 3.5 & VSTO 3.0 Runtime. The installer will help you out there.
  4. During installation it will say it’s not from a Trusted Publisher as I do not have a certificate for this installation. Click Ok.
  5. Open Outlook

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