Thursday, May 29, 2008

Changing Live Meeting invation information in OCS 2007

The information of the company name and URLs that comes with the live meeting invitation in OCS 2007 can be change. Let's see how to change the default settings, as follows:
  1. Open Microsoft Office Communicaton Server 2007 console
  2. Expand Forest - <Domain name>
  3. Expand Standard Edition Servers
  4. Expand <OCS Pool Name>
  5. Right click on <Domain name>,click on Properties and then clickon Web Conferencing Properties
  6. In General tab, fill out with your organization name as shown in the figure below

We can also modify the URL's that go with the invitation. To do that click on Meeting invitations and change the internal and external URLs.

Let's try our new configuration, if you have the Live Meeting add-on installed, create a new Live Meeting and you will see your company name and your URLs in the invitation.

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